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  • ''POETRY'' by: T. J. Daniels
    - ''POETRY'' for people that don't even Like ''POETRY'' & those that do. Short & To The Point ''POETRY'' about HEARTFELT Love, Life & the HEARTFELT Pain that Love can sometimes bring etc.
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  • Amy's Poems
    - Poems that I wrote from my heart...Each to someone special and dear..Enjoy them!
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  • Angela Jo-Ann Clouse's Poetry Portfolio
    - A collection of twenty-seven of my poems, added to frequently. My short stories and poems have been published in many literary magazines throughout the U.S. and I have three chapbooks available. My influences include Bukowski, Dylan, Dorothy Parker, the Beat poets and many others. I do not have a counter on my page, so feel free to sign my guestbook and say hello.
    ( Site Hits: 1022 Current Rating For Site: 8.43 Your Votes : 18 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Chris Abraham Poetry
    - Chris Abraham is a modern American poet who lives, works, and loves in Washington, DC.
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  • Christopher English's Symbolist Paintings and Poetry Page
    - It is my intention to show the symbolic images in my paintings as a complement to the imagery evoked in my poems, to give meaning and understanding to the symbolism in my pictures. Indeed, to show where the ideas in the paintings came from, hence this publication of my poems and paintings together.
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  • Eva Milan - StoikaEstinta
    - Italian musician/poetress Eva Milan's full poetry collections and her band Stoika's mp3, message board, free exhibition space
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  • Good Words and Love Poems
    - Poems about loving and caring and missing and sharing. Poems about life and death; about this world and the next.
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  • Howard Camner poet bio
    - A brief biography of poet Howard Camner, including his years in New York as headliner with the West End Poetry Troupe. Also includes a list of Camner's major publications.
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  • i d e n t i t y / i d e n t i t e i t
    - Features the bilingual (Dutch/English) poetry of young, Netherlands-based poet Alexandra Ekkelenkamp. Born 1982, she already writes in a very distinct style and has been featured in various anthologies and magazines. Site also features photographs and art by AE.
    ( Site Hits: 777 Current Rating For Site: 7.20 Your Votes : 10 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • irishbard
    - Website devoted to the promotion of artistic poetry and narrative verse. A website which seeks other artistic and creative people to get involved and share the experiences of the artist.
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    - The poetry of Janet I. Buck, author of Calamity's Quilt, Reefs We Live, and Bookmarks in a Hurricane. Buck is a two-time Pushcart nominee and the winner of The H.G. Wells Award for Literary Excellence.
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  • Loud Are The Voices...
    - When the sound of life is drained away, can this be all that's left? Water that trickles, the hymn of a bee, peace, where cityscapes and sentences echo only in my mind...
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  • Mystic Poet
    - Lead people to awaken to life and the search for light through poetry, meditation and mysticism.
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  • Official Site of Ben Barton
    - Ben is arguably the youngest, MOST PUBLISHED poet in Britain today. This official site features work in the archive, links to his work on the web, photos, a sound biography and contact information.
    ( Site Hits: 727 Current Rating For Site: 8.62 Your Votes : 13 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Poems
    - A sampling of ghazals, haiku, tanka and other poems by Gene Doty. There are also some essays on form.
    ( Site Hits: 1076 Current Rating For Site: 1.00 Your Votes : 1 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Poetry On The Internet
    - Poetry On The Internet is the home site of Renee J. Wyatt, and offers vast links to poetry on the internet, and excepts submissions from various authors.
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  • Skylar Hamilton Burris
    - Previously published poetry by writer and editor Skylar Burris, formal and free verse, rhymed and unrhymed
    ( Site Hits: 870 Current Rating For Site: 9.33 Your Votes : 3 ) Like It? Rate It!

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