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  • Human Potential and Its Shadow - the Poems
    - The poems depict the wide range of human potential from its maximal best to its thwarted potential and worst aspects of being. The poems encourage the development of human potential and to harness the human shadow via its transformation: Negative personal or group energy to be actively turned into positive manifestations of personal/group power.
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  • Love Poetry Cafe
    - Love, Inspirational, Tanka, Haiku, Dark, Adult, all poetry types welcome. Site honors five authors each month and one poem each week with special recognition on the main page. Winners chosen by popular vote. Other features include chat, message forum, publishing links, banner exchange, and webring.
    ( Site Hits: 1457 Current Rating For Site: 7.95 Your Votes : 85 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Lovepoets World
    - Poems and stories of Love & Romance, Explorations of the Sensual, the Magickal, Wisdom & Wicca, the Fae & Faery
    ( Site Hits: 1274 Current Rating For Site: 8.25 Your Votes : 475 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Lupert: It's The Website
    - Home site of Los Angeles poet Rick Lupert with selections from his books including "I Am My Own Orange County" and "Mowing Fargo." Also the host site of Poetry Super Highway, a major online resource for poets.
    ( Site Hits: 744 Current Rating For Site: 10.00 Your Votes : 3 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • M's Amethyst Journey
    - An exploration into the human mind and heart through poetry (women-focused). In addition to the poetry, the site includes editorials of interest to women and book recommendations
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  • Meredith, Richard F.
    - Contemporary poetry from Ireland by award-winning poet Richard F. Meredith. A nice site to visit for some top quality poetry with a quiet, relaxed and gentle feel. Meredith's poetry has depth and feeling and explores many aspects of the human condition in a very descriptive way. Poems range from the simple act of contemplating a stone to some of the most deep issues of life.
    ( Site Hits: 835 Current Rating For Site: 9.50 Your Votes : 4 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Pame McMahon's Poetry Portal
    - Pame has been writing poetry since she was 3 years old. She has completed two manuscripts: The Senseless Ramblings of a Teenage Malcontent (1994) and Grass, Spirits and the Mystical Dr. Love (2001). Pame is also the owner of and has created poetry web sites for poets such as Laura Boss and David Saemann.
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  • Passionate about Poetry
    - Love, emotion, children,hate, war, fear, nature, friendship, mother, family, anthology, season, wedding, marriage,sad, happy,birth
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    - Michael Levy Poet Author Philosophers homw web site: Poetry Contests, Books, Articles, Humor, Great Links and Much More.
    ( Site Hits: 905 Current Rating For Site: 9.67 Your Votes : 3 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Remix Poetry
    - Put simply, remix poems are based on the technique of sampling used in electronic music. The poems here consist of quotes from classic poetry that have been "remixed" to form new poems. Both poems and the quotes used to make them can be found on this site. Other poems by Mike are also included.
    ( Site Hits: 811 Current Rating For Site: 8.20 Your Votes : 10 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Rick McKean's Poetry
    - Over 100 original poems written by my brother, Rick McKean. Some are sad, others might make you smile. If you enjoy reading poems, you've found just the place.
    ( Site Hits: 941 Current Rating For Site: 5.79 Your Votes : 60 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Something about nothing...
    - Collected poetry of C. E. Lennon, ranging from the poignant to the slightly dark, depending on the mood of the poet.
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  • Spark the Muse
    - The unique collaborative efforts of poets Dorothy Doyle Mienko and C. E. Lennon.
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  • Susan Allyx Kronenberg
    - metaphysical poet, writer, screenwriter - excerpts from her book "Incantations of the Grinning Dream Woman", biography, awards, reader comments, links.
    ( Site Hits: 680 Current Rating For Site: 9.06 Your Votes : 19 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • The Under Current
    - This is the 'under current' of my usual light side of poetry that I have placed on the net. A liitle bit darker,.and a bit more raw than my usual- I like it! It's what is flowing beneath the surface,.
    ( Site Hits: 632 Current Rating For Site: 6.55 Your Votes : 0 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Tomes
    - Collection of Web Published poetry by Jonathan Kotinek.
    ( Site Hits: 689 Current Rating For Site: 7.50 Your Votes : 2 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Wet Dreams Poetry
    - My personal website featuring my poetry, poetry from friends, pictures, NYC Tribute, Dolphin Dreams, Awards Program and a little of this and that!
    ( Site Hits: 801 Current Rating For Site: 4.99 Your Votes : 9 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • William Brendan McPhillips
    - A poet On A Magical Journey Home, the work of an American born, Scots-Irish poet and playwright displaying a broad range of interest and form.
    ( Site Hits: 785 Current Rating For Site: 10.00 Your Votes : 1 ) Like It? Rate It!

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