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  • Inspirations
    - Poetry and stories to warm the heart. Love, humor, family, berevement and inspirational. All enhanced with beautiful graphics and music.
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  • AngelmomsHaven
    - my original poems, angels, globes, awards, pet page, fav sports, and more
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  • Carrie's Poetry Page
    - A collection of poems by Carrie Kinyon. All about her family and friends, and most of all her faith in God.
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  • Classy Gift Store
    - Poetry you can identify with. Expressive poetry that you don't read-you feel! On line store available of engraved poetic gifts for corporate and every occasion!
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  • Embracing Your Soul
    - beautiful original poetry that will inspire the mind, comfort the heart, and embrace the soul
    ( Site Hits: 7623 Current Rating For Site: 7.97 Your Votes : 479 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Eyes of My Soul - Poetry by Elizabeth Silke
    - Poetry written by myself on mnay issues from romance, relationships, friendships to current issues on abuse etc. Also featured is poetry on my Christian faith and reflective and inspirational also. Please stop by and enjoy your stay.
    ( Site Hits: 4919 Current Rating For Site: 6.00 Your Votes : 1 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Harriett's Helpful Words
    - Poems and stories by Harriett Dash that will touch your heart. Inspirational, humor, family, matters of the heart, friends...
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  • Midnight Ramblings
    - This site is a collection of poems written by a college Sophomore whose inspiration includes love and romance, nature, the art of writing, and life in general.
    ( Site Hits: 1841 Current Rating For Site: 1.00 Your Votes : 1 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • My heart and Soul
    - my poetry which has been writen to guide me though my ups and downs of my so called life. this is the realy truth about me and what i really do feel.
    ( Site Hits: 3210 Current Rating For Site: 3.67 Your Votes : 3 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Pamela's Poetry Page
    - Poems for losing a child and a poem written for my friend who was taken from me by death.
    ( Site Hits: 2756 Current Rating For Site: 5.00 Your Votes : 3 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Pics and Poems
    - Many original, inspirational and seasonal (Halloween, Fall, Christmas)poems with music and colorful graphics, meant to soothe the soul and stir the emotions. Special September 11th tribute - "A Prayer to Humanity."
    ( Site Hits: 3187 Current Rating For Site: 9.67 Your Votes : 6 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Poem for Asteroid Braille
    - Los Angeles poet, Billie Dee, has been commissioned by the Library of Congress National Library Service to write a poem about the newly discovered asteroid 9969 Braille. The space rock was named in honor of Louis Braille, inventor of the most widely used reading system for the blind.
    ( Site Hits: 1076 Current Rating For Site: 8.78 Your Votes : 30 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Poetic Eyes
    - Poetic Eyes NOW taking SUBMISSIONS for DO YOU BELIEVE? Here is you chance to tell the world your poetic interpetations of ----GO SEE.----.DO YOU BELIEVE ? POETIC EYES are every-where...
    ( Site Hits: 1622 Current Rating For Site: 7.26 Your Votes : 46 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Poets Hall Of Fame
    - Poets Hall Of Fame now authorizing poetry web publishers, Poetry E- zines, Poetry News- Letters and Hardcover poetry publishers as nominating sites. POETS, LOOK for the "PHF" logo before submiting your work to any poetry publisher. A "PHF" logo is your insurance policy that you could be nominated to "PHF" and have a chance at induction into The Poets Hall Of and org
    ( Site Hits: 1427 Current Rating For Site: 5.95 Your Votes : 22 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • QuiteTheGift!
    - Personalized Poetry----come and visit a beautiful selection! Poetic gifts available for those special occasions!
    ( Site Hits: 1701 Current Rating For Site: 10.00 Your Votes : 0 ) Like It? Rate It!
    - If you have something special that you would like to say, call me: RHYMES FOR ALL REASONS and I'll write a poem YOUR way. Unique and CUSTOM WRITTEN, a thoughtful thing to do. Tell those you love how much you care - by me, for them, from you.
    ( Site Hits: 2592 Current Rating For Site: 6.68 Your Votes : 19 ) Like It? Rate It!

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