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  • Anna's Poetry Place
    - Anna's Poetry Place is the entrance to my world of poetry. You can take the "challenge", where we put forth a subject each month and cyberpoets from all over the world submit poems on that subject, visit pages with previous month's poems, visit the pages with my own new rhyme and meter poems, or visit my archives.
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  • Authors Ave.
    - Poetry of all fields, essays, short stories, your submissions,and we always include your link check it out.
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  • Cafe Purplemoon
    - Purplemoon opened its doors in Feb 98 and now has 295 members. Our site has been created around a unique stage setting. Replicating the performance art environment.
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  • Describe Adonis, and the Counterfeit [Shakespeare: 53]
    - WELCOME, Sonneteers, one and all, to our very active Yahoo Groups FORUM, where we already have some 10 Resident Sonneteers. Sonneteers such as YOURSELF can submit YOUR OWN SONNETS! We also post Sonnets by illustrious Sonneteers, and Essays and Critiques on Sonnets from time to time. This is a pleasant Site to participate in & all great FUN!
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  • Eagle's Wings
    - spiritual poetry,life's experiences, some have been published,nature,angels
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  • Embracing Your Soul
    - a beautiful collection of original poetry that will inspire the soul comfort the heart and embrace the soul
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  • Forrest of Poetry Trees
    - This site offers a variety of rhyme and meter poetry--Philosophy, Faith, Humor, Limericks, Love and Affection, U.S. Marine Corps, Children's Poetry, Miscellaneous, and More!
    ( Site Hits: 3004 Current Rating For Site: 7.83 Your Votes : 6 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Foxy's Den
    - Rhyming poetry from the U.K. that expresses, and hopefully encourages, enjoyment in the simple things of life.
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    - A family poetry site, with pages for children to seniors. Angels, faith and friendship are the heart of this web site!
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  • Heroes of The Heart
    - Poems of inspiration, patriotism, dedications, love poems and faith. Poems dedicated to the heroes in my life.
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  • Inside The Heart of MissRhyme
    - This site is dedicated to the rhyming poet and his rhyme. Part of the site deals with two technical aspects of writing: meter and rhyme. There is a message board for posting comments and poems of your own.
    ( Site Hits: 1532 Current Rating For Site: 6.00 Your Votes : 2 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Inspirational Poetry Corner
    - Rachel Keller shares original and inspiring poetry on a variety of topics, including religious poetry and prayers, relationships and love poems, and nature and seasonal poetry. She also includes a separate page of her children's poetry and another for original poetry by her grandmother.
    ( Site Hits: 3048 Current Rating For Site: 6.46 Your Votes : 13 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • It's Bullfrog!
    - Original work from the UK, mostly humour with a dash of seriousness, covering subjects as diverse as euthanasia and stick insects, updated monthly.
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  • Let's talk Poetry
    - Itfeatures a weekly poem, tip of the week, and links to site. It's a very simple website
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  • Many Faces
    - A collection of metrical poems expressing the many sides of life; love, loss, joy, nature...
    ( Site Hits: 1893 Current Rating For Site: 6.67 Your Votes : 6 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Metered Musings
    - its an inward burning driven sense of language and of timingfrom the universe hard riven we perceive the cosmos rhyming
    ( Site Hits: 2401 Current Rating For Site: 8.71 Your Votes : 7 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • MissRhyme's Poetry Palace!
    - This site is a person web site with links to my own work, but which encourages interaction from readers by providing a message board and a chat room.
    ( Site Hits: 1401 Current Rating For Site: 3.25 Your Votes : 12 ) Like It? Rate It!

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