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  • Barbie Turns Forty
    - What do you buy the girl who has every(every!)thing? She's looking mighty good for 40 years ... but we hear Barbie's had some plastic surgery . Los Angeles poet BILLIE DEE has all the dirt on the girl from Malibu!
    ( Site Hits: 7762 Current Rating For Site: 7.74 Your Votes : 28 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Bard to Verse
    - This is a collection of articles, stories and poetry that I have put together over the years, and a repository of the new material that I am still producing. My site is averaging over 500 page hits a week, so I hope that my readers are finding their visits worthwhile.
    ( Site Hits: 2496 Current Rating For Site: 8.67 Your Votes : 3 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Clueless Wonders
    - This is a site filled with poetry from the heart. Poems of all kinds for you to enjoy, plus cards to send, jokes, links and more!
    ( Site Hits: 5522 Current Rating For Site: 8.65 Your Votes : 232 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Comedy Monologues And Cartoons
    - Fairly truthful tales from the North of England. Humorous monologues in the traditional style written and illustrated by Gary Hogg.
    ( Site Hits: 5160 Current Rating For Site: 8.46 Your Votes : 236 ) Like It? Rate It!
Links Links
    - A poetry site for the fast paced world of on through and check out the features a daily special along with a variety of other tasty morsels to whet your poetry appetite...Hope to see you there!
    ( Site Hits: 3452 Current Rating For Site: 6.72 Your Votes : 32 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • FauxPoems
    - Poems of Fun and Glum, I think you'll all enjoy this out of the ordinary poetry by me a 20 year old wanna be poet, please tell me what you think. New stuff added daily!
    ( Site Hits: 2409 Current Rating For Site: 1.00 Your Votes : 1 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Funny Poets
    - Funny Poems and Poetry. Choose from 50 categories - twisted romantic love poems, silly birthday, wedding or adults only sexy funny poems. Plus free info. on how to earn an income as a poet.
    ( Site Hits: 11044 Current Rating For Site: 4.15 Your Votes : 14 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Home of the Cockney Poet
    - Home of the Cockney Poet. Learn all about Cockney Rhyming Slang! Cockney to English dictionary, cockney food, cockney history and poems written in cockney! Come on in me old China, all welcome!
    ( Site Hits: 1514 Current Rating For Site: 1.00 Your Votes : 1 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Humorous Poems and Monologues
    - 'The Lion and Albert', 'Napoleon's Retreat From Wigan... a plethora of hilarious verse from Marriott Edgar, Robb Wilton, Stanley Holloway and many, many more...
    ( Site Hits: 4538 Current Rating For Site: 9.14 Your Votes : 1984 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • In Real Life Too!
    - Pets, peeves, poetry, prose, and who knows what else by Sherry Bocchicchio aka The Realist. Including: art, recipes, Tales from 'Devils' garden, and much more. It's truly a window to my world and all that is important to me.
    ( Site Hits: 1785 Current Rating For Site: 5.50 Your Votes : 4 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • It's Bullfrog!
    - Original work from the UK, mostly humour with a dash of seriousness, covering subjects as diverse as euthanasia and stick insects, updated monthly.
    ( Site Hits: 1460 Current Rating For Site: 8.60 Your Votes : 5 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • James Drinard, The Doggerel Bard
    - Whimsical verse, illustrated with drawings by the author, a gifted dilletante. The human condition, dancing rats, limericks and tortured nursery rhymes are among the entries.
    ( Site Hits: 1179 Current Rating For Site: 10.00 Your Votes : 1 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Lone Star Light ... Verse
    - High on humor, short on dignity, and more fun than the law should allow. International fibstorming at its finest, suitable for all ages.
    ( Site Hits: 1423 Current Rating For Site: 0 Your Votes : 0 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • MiloMania
    - This is some really good stuff! If you read this, you'll vote for me! Go Go Gothic? Fry um George? Doggie Poopoo? You can't beat that...
    ( Site Hits: 1072 Current Rating For Site: 8.94 Your Votes : 145 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Mimi Rose's Poetry Paradise
    - Deranged spinster shares her shocking poetry with the world, however, she does run poetry competitions for her "fans"!
    ( Site Hits: 1037 Current Rating For Site: 8.17 Your Votes : 6 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Pick's Home Page
    - Rhyming verse of a humorous nature plus links to other poetry sites and also to linksof a general nature.
    ( Site Hits: 1074 Current Rating For Site: 6.25 Your Votes : 0 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Poems from the Graveyard
    - The 'all new' Poems from the Graveyard site featuring poems written by an ex-undertaker (Paul Bearer). Funny, Romantic, Sad and just plain weird! This is a truly unique experience! Also features 'other peoples poems', Nauseating Nursery Rhymes, weird links (own a corpse, buy an embalming table, etc.,), pictures of cemeteries and crematoriums from around the world as well as 'Paul' in his 'uniform'. Please visit, you won't be disappointed!
    ( Site Hits: 1208 Current Rating For Site: 3.29 Your Votes : 7 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • Rita's Fun Pages
    - Original poetry, some funny, some sad, some inspirational; lots of graphics and music I hope suits each page.
    ( Site Hits: 1452 Current Rating For Site: 6.00 Your Votes : 4 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • Sensa Yuma
    - Original daft poems and monologues. Written in my local dialect. Lancashire / England. Come in an' 'ave a reet good laugh!
    ( Site Hits: 1160 Current Rating For Site: 8.39 Your Votes : 250 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • The Chateau of Poetry
    - Open house at The Chateau of Poetry of writings by Charles A. Cowan to portray the realities and dreams of human nature with accent on humor,romance and melancholy. Some poetry listings are accentuated with photos and graphics to add to the character of the poetry
    ( Site Hits: 1249 Current Rating For Site: 5.50 Your Votes : 2 ) Like It? Rate It!
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  • The Angry Poet
    - Generally angry, sometimes poignant often funny

    [editors note: contains mature content]

    ( Site Hits: 623 Current Rating For Site: 0 Your Votes : 0 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • The Harddirt Galaxy
    - Original poetry designed in most part to tickle your funnybone, tweak your curiosity, and astound your senses.
    ( Site Hits: 1240 Current Rating For Site: 10.00 Your Votes : 1 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • The Lazy Journal
    - Journey thru my mental cavity and discover my lust for life, love, and the occasional sex act. Proceed with extreme caution. And get your shoes off the couch, damnit!
    ( Site Hits: 948 Current Rating For Site: 5.20 Your Votes : 0 ) Like It? Rate It!
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